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I have received a request from Janet Selby, Coordinator ADA Compliance, Greyhound, for input from JAWS and other screen reader users as to how successful they are in accessing the company's home page and Fare Finder purchase flow.

Ms. Selby reports that the company's IT staff have made some changes to the home page and Fare Finder purchase flow in Greyhound.com to improve the way JAWS and other screen reading software can "read" the website. They only have limited means to review the update and understand if they have helped the site-or to identify areas that need additional modifications. She would like to receive feedback from anyone who frequents the site on how it looks and if it is efficient.

Ms. Selby's email address follows Janet.Selby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please provide this information to her on or before May 15th, 2012.

Thank you very much.

Gene Lozano

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