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FYI, the excerpt Sila posted was penned by Elizabeth Ricci, who is Paloma's
mother and Neil Rambana's wife. Neil is Paloma's father.
The Facebook post also featured a nice photo of the family.

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Thanks to John for sharing the below. Great news! Way to go, Miss Paloma.
Thanks for advocating on behalf of all of us!

Neil Rambana and I are beyond words. Lighthouse of the Big Bend and Jennifer
Crowder have supported Paloma since she was two months old and even after she
was no longer eligible for services due to the funding gap. We were honored
to be tonight's keynote speakers and share our love for Lighthouse with
tonight's sold out Dining in the Dark crowd.

More excitingly, Paloma received the Paula Bailey Inspirational Community
Member Award! She is the first child recipient ever to be bestowed with this
honor. One of the requirements for the award is the "ability to invoke
positive emotion and action in others." She has certainly done that and more.
We are very proud of Paloma's accomplishments and thankful for all that
Lighthouse of the Big Bend and Miss Jennifer do for all of those with
blindness and vision loss. We are also grateful to our families, friends and
God for the help and support over the last ten amazing years!

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