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Today I received very sad news from Mr. and Mrs. Sowell. I have pasted the note 
they forwarded below. There are simply no words to express the loss I feel at 
the passing of this extraordinary woman. She helped me through a pretty dark 
time in my life and I will never forget her. Her support and her lovely words 
of encouragement have helped me on more than just that occasion. They mean even 
more now. 


Rest in peace dearest Ms. Albrecht and know that you were a blessing to many 
here. God bless the family in their time of grief.




Herbert and I received the following note from John and Sandy Albrecht:


It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of Mary Albrecht's passing.  She 
passed shortly after noon on Sunday, October 14th, 2012.

Not long after her husband, Joe, passed in November of 2007 Mary moved into 
Coral Landing, an assisted living facility in St. Augustine. In March of 2010 
Sandy and I moved to Wilson, North Carolina, to be near our daughter's family, 
including her three children. Shortly after the move we brought Mary here to 
Wilson Assisted Living Facility.  We would take her to see the extended family, 
especially the great grandkids, parties, playing soccer and for holidays, and 
other sports.

Over the years her outings have become less and less frequent as her strength 
weakened and Alzheimer's progressed.

She passed peacefully in her sleep around noon on Sunday, October 14th, 2012. 
You were some of her fondest memories as I am sure your memories of her are for 
you. Only the immediate family attended the services. Please do not send 
flowers or gifts. Thanks for your loving thoughts as she continues on - in 

John and Sandy Albrecht


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