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Heather, Brian and others,

Thanks so much for the plans to put shelters about the Star Metro routs.  These 
are the kinds of improvements that we have been waiting for.

Along with my appreciations for these shelters, be sure they are accessible for 
wheel chairs and those of us who walk to them.  If we have to walk threw a 
ditch to get to them, it wrecks the intent.

Again, thanks for all you are doing for the 2010 plan.  Riders have been asking 
for a grid system for years and it is finally here.  I know you can't please 
everyone, but it is what we have been asking for.

William Benjamin

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51 New Shelters for Route Decentralization

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  Subject: City of Tallahassee News Release - StarMetro to Install 51 New 
Shelters for Route Decentralization

        StarMetro to Install 51 New Shelters for Route Decentralization

        Today, StarMetro will begin installing 51 shelters across the city in 
preparation for the July launch of its route decentralization plan known as 
Nova2010. The complete list and map of shelter placements is available online 
at Talgov.com/starmetro. At its regular meeting yesterday, the Tallahassee City 
Commission approved funding for shelter installation.

        "Our goal is to have 30 new shelters installed by the launch of 
Nova2010," said Ron Garrison, executive director of StarMetro. "The shelters 
not completed by the launch date will continue to be installed after the launch 
in a timely and efficient manner."

        The shelters, which measure 13-feet wide and 5-feet deep, will feature 
a four-seat bench and space for a wheelchair. 

        StarMetro will partner with the City's Public Works Department to 
install each shelter. First priority shelter installations will begin within 
the multi-modal transportation district (MMTD), which is the area roughly 
between Tharpe Street to the north, Orange Avenue to the south, Blountstown 
Highway to the west and Magnolia Drive to the east. Most of shelters placed 
within this area will be along major thoroughfares -- all of which are 
currently served by the existing StarMetro system. Upon installation of these 
shelters, customers may begin using them to access the current StarMetro 

        During installation, StarMetro and the City's Public Works Department 
will adhere to the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act 

        "The concrete pads poured for the shelter installations will actually 
be quite a bit larger than the shelter itself," said Garrison. "We 
intentionally did this in hopes of installing additional amenities, such as 
bicycle racks, in the future."

        Funding for these shelters will come from concurrency funds, which are 
transportation mitigation fees. 
        "As more funds become available, we hope to install an additional 20 
shelters in fall/winter," said Garrison. "With these extra 20 shelters on top 
of the 51 shelters we'll begin installing soon, we will have doubled the number 
of our shelters and benches available for customers."

        StarMetro's Nova2010 route decentralization project will take the 
current single-transfer, downtown oriented route structure and break it apart 
to create 41 new transfer options across the city - making transit a better 
option for many more existing and potential customers. This new route structure 
will have numerous advantages for customers and businesses, such as a higher 
frequency in service, lower travel time and more transfer options. 

        For more information, please visit Talgov.com/starmetro or call 
891-5200. Other ways to view information include 'liking' StarMetro's official 
Facebook page at Facebook.com/starmetrotransit. 

        Contact: Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564, or 
Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206
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