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Subject: [Blindad] Fw: [Electronics-talk] Structured and streamlined info onupcoming CSUNconference

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Subject: [Electronics-talk] Structured and streamlined info on upcoming CSUNconference

Now available at

This attempts to be a comprehensive compilation of information about the upcoming International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference (March in San Diego), available on a single, structured web page. All information was gathered from the official CSUN conference site

A table of contents at the top of the page links to about 400 subsequent topics that each begin with a heading for easy navigation with assistive technology. Extraneous information has been removed, including site navigation links and redundant, boiler plate text. This helps readers concentrate on significant, unique content.

A structured text version of the same document -- from which the HTML was generated -- is available at the same web address except for a .txt extension, i.e.,

These generic formats can be used on almost any portable device.


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