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Hi all,

not too long ago I mentioned some ear-buds which attached to the outside
of your ear so that they didn't fall off, and so they didn't obscure
ambiant sounds.

I haven't yet had a chance to try those, because of an order mix-up from
Sendero.  I'm now ordering from Amazon, since I don't like what Sendero
is selling, and I'll let you know when I've tried them.

in any case, below is an email about a similar idea, except here it's a
single ear-phone hanging over just one ear.  the price is meant to be
$9.95 (there's a typo in the post), and so if you would never want to
listen to music, the below C-Crane earphone might be even better than
the ear-buds (which are called AirDrives Fit) for not obscuring ambiant
sounds.  I've been making a home-made version of this, by cutting one
earphone speaker off of a cheap set of radio shack earphones, for years;
but this isn't any more expensive, and it sounds like a better design
than mine!



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> Further to Jim's mention of these earphones, we bought one to try. 
> Turns out I have another version which is used in conjunction with 
> our FM training radios.
> Your earlobe fits through a stiff plastic loop with the wire poking 
> out the back. They stay on your ear pretty securely. The ear piece is 
> much bigger than an ear bud. It is about an inch around and rests 
> over your ear. It would definitely obscure outside sound.
> The sound is a bit hollow like listening through a pipe but not 
> objectionable for audio and the price at $995 is quite good. It is 
> just one ear piece.
> Mike
>          At 08:48 PM 12/8/2009, you wrote:
> >     Well, an earphone.  Since there has been some discussion about 
> > earphones here I thought I would share this.  I just got an 
> > over-the-earphone from C Crane Company that works very well with 
> > the voicenote and also the VR Stream.  It's on their website under 
> > radio accessories and is called over the ear headphone 
> speaker.  Cost is $9.95
> >I tried to paste the link in below but it doesn't show up as a link.
> >Over The Ear Headphone Speaker
> >$9.95.  The thing is, it has a stereo 1/8 inch plug on it.  Earlier 
> >models had a mono 1/8 inch plug so when you plugged it in to a 
> >stereo plug such as those on the braillenote or VR Stream,  you 
> >could hear  a noticeable drop  in the volume level.  This always 
> >bothered me for that reason and for the fact that a mono plug in 
> >effect shorts out one channel from  a stereo audio source. .
> >Anyway just wanted to pass this along.  The device hangs losely over 
> >either ear, and, while I wouldn't advise wearing it while walking, 
> >it does not interfere too much    with your hearing.  It is quite 
> >loud with the braillenote and VR Stream.  I know this list is not 
> >directly connected with the Humanware site but feel free to post 
> >there if you want.
> >Best regards, Jim
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