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Subject: UC Santa Cruz Blind Photography Interview

Hello, my name is Dustin Adams from UC Santa Cruz, I work with Professor 
Roberto Manduchi and Sri Kurniawan. Your contact information came from a survey 
by Roberto Manduchi called "Walking Accidents" from 2009. We are interested in 
knowing how people with low to no vision take pictures and use them. If you are 
interested in participating in this interview, your name will go into a drawing 
for 2 $20 gift certificates for Amazon.com and your responses will help us 
tremendously with our research. If you do not take pictures, then this 
interview is probably not for you, and we apologize for sending it to you. I 
want to quickly tell you about the work we are doing, then tell you about the 
We are working on a smartphone application to help blind people take photos and 
reminisce on them without seeing them. The app records audio while the camera 
is being aimed (we believe this enhances the reminiscing experience), and once 
the photo is taken, the user can give an optional voice memo (this aids with 
identifying the photo later). The user is able to browse through the photos 
(organized by date), listening to the audio of each one. We want to make the 
process of taking and browsing photos easier for those with low to no vision.
This interview is about 15 questions, we do not anticipate it will take more 
than 10 minutes of your time. If you would like us to call you and give the 
interview over the phone, we would be more than happy to do that, just respond 
to us with your phone number. If you are up for the challenge of filling out 
the interview, please just respond to this email, fill out the answers and send 
it back to us, that would be great! Here are the interview questions:
Some demographic data.
What is your level of vision loss?
How long have you had your visual impairment?
What is your occupation?
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being absolute beginner and 10 being expert, how 
much do you know about photography and sharing online?

Lets talk about taking pictures.
What do you take pictures of?
Can you tell me how you take pictures step by step?
How do you know you're aiming at the right thing?
What kind of problems do you run into when you're taking pictures?
What kind of camera do you use?
What is the best thing about taking pictures?

Lets talk about organizing pictures.
Can you tell me how you organize your photos step by step?
How do you know which of your pictures are good?
How do you know you have the photo you want?
What is the best thing about having a picture?

Lets talk about sharing pictures
Which websites do you use to put your pictures online?
How do you put your pictures online?
What problems do you have when putting your pictures online?
How do you view others' photos?
What is the best thing about viewing other peoples’ pictures?
What are the main obstacles you run into with photography in general?
Thank you very much for your time for completing this interview. If you win the 
drawing, we will notify you within the next two weeks.

Dustin Adams
Teaching Assistant, 80a
University of California, Santa Cruz

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