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It is also difficult for people not to :"label".  We see them everywhere 
everyday.  Sometimes I feel the "labels" associated with the blind are in 
indelible ink, as many of us have been educating and educating for longer than 
some of you have been alibi, and the ADA, for the most part, ignored us while 
"invented disabilities" are making a terrible backlash for those of us who need 
"reasonable accommodations" for true disabilities we have no control to change.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.

Home phone #:  850-329-7437

Do not allow someone else to be a priority in your life while allowing yourself 
to be an option in theirs.--Ani Difranco

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  Chip I appreciate you for sharing this!

  Where do we start with re-defining disabled?

  All of them are challenges!

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       Below is a link to an online video:


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      This is the story of Aimee Mullins, the record-setting athlete, actress 
and model.  Aimee, who is missing both legs from the shin down, set world 
records in several track events at the Paralympics in 1996.

      In this powerful and poignant 22 minute video, Aimee speaks from her 
heart about society's use of the term "disabled" and the power of labels.  
Aimee says 
      "It's society that disables an individual by not investing in enough 
creativity to allow for someone to show us the quality that makes them rare and 
valuable and capable."

      Aimee talks about the opportunity of adversity.   

      This should be shared.

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