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GW Micro Announces ReadEasy MoveYou can add it at any time, all you need is the 
special keypad.


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  Yes Lynn; storing the scanned files, and moving around inside of them to 
re-read them; importing files such as imaged PDF files to be OCRâed; saving 
OCRed text in various file and word processing formats; as Robert said, 
anything to do with files.


  I gather if you donât opt for this option, the basic version just reads to 
you (it only have six buttons, making it extremely simple to manage).


  You donât have to have a computer to plug it into, so itâs completely self 
sufficient when you want it to be portible; and it does all of these things 
with files when you do want to interface with computers.


  Thatâs why I thought it was worth mentioning.





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  Thanks Chip for posting this. I read the blurb and looked at all the cool 
pictures on G Wâs page. It said the Easy Read Move has file management 
capability. I didnât understand that at all. is there some way to store the 
âscannedâ documentâ So what am I missing here, other than a few brain cells. 




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  This looked quite interesting to me, because it can be a portible quick and 
easy stand-alone reading device; or add the keypad option and it becomes one of 
the fully functional reading machines with document management capabilities; or 
add the low-vision option and it shows you on a CCTV monitor what itâs 
recognized and is reading, moving the text as it reads each word, and allows 
you to set the color, size, contrast, etc.  It also will interface with a 
touch-screen monitor so that you can move around a document and read portions 
just by touching the appropriate location on the monitor.  It seems very 


  Pricing seems to be in the $2500 to $3000 range, depending on options.






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  GW Micro Announces ReadEasy Move



  GW Micro, Inc. Announces ReadEasy Move!

  GW Micro is proud to announce the ReadEasy Move, the first in a new 
generation of stand-alone digital capture reading systems specifically designed 
for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

  The ReadEasy Move is compact, stylish, lightweight, and easy-to-use.  The 
ReadEasy Move has an intuitive user interface consisting of only 6 buttons 
making it the ideal reading solution for people of all ages, whether they are 4 
or 104.

  "This system is the new generation in the ReadEasy product line," said Dan 
Weirich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro. "It's unique, 
compact design makes it one of the smallest reading machines available on the 

  According to Weirich, a person who is blind or visually impaired can read any 
printed text by simply placing the text under the ReadEasy Moveâs camera and 
pressing a button.  The system takes a picture and then begins reading the text 
in a clear, human-sounding voice within a matter of seconds.  The buttons 
located on the ReadEasy Move are tactile, making it easy to use regardless of 
your level of vision.

  ReadEasy Move customers can add a Keypad Feature Pack to enable more advanced 
functionality to the ReadEasy Move, such as the ability to save and open files 
to and from a USB flash drive.  Individuals with low vision can obtain 
additional benefits from using the ReadEasy Move Low Vision Pack, which allows 
you to connect the device to a computer monitor to magnify text in addition to 
reading it.  Add the optional Low Vision Touch Pack (touchscreen monitor sold 
separately) and instantly turn the ReadEasy Move into a reading system that 
supports multi-touch gestures much like those used on the iPhone and iPad!  Low 
vision users can quickly move around a document, adjust magnification and start 
reading using intuitive touch gestures!

  For customers who need access to documents in foreign languages, such as 
Spanish, French, German, Italian, and others; additional languages can be 
easily added to the ReadEasy Move.  The ReadEasy Move is the first stand-alone 
reading machine that can recognize and switch between multiple languages 
automatically (additional languages sold separately).  

  The ReadEasy Move is now shipping so place your order today! Customers within 
the U.S. can contact GW Micro or your local GW Micro dealer to order or for 
more information.  You can reach GW Micro by phone at (260) 489-3671 or via 
email at sales@xxxxxxxxxxx, or learn more about the ReadEasy Move on the web at 
ReadEasy Move Information.

  Dan Weirich, VP of Sales and Marketing
  (260) 489-3671


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