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Hi, great this will help at least I know that I am not the only one. This
might be a option. The only problem I might see if chip don't want cross
posting to other email accounts! What about it chip.?


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    I've been out of communication for a time now due to being away for my
own impending wedding but I got my email up and working again and thought
I'd respond to you privately. I also use gmail for my email service and I
have found that many, if not all, of my messages to tabi and myself don't
get back to me. I've been able to solve the problem of sending myself
messages by carbon copying those messages to myself and sending them to
another address. I'd suppose that the same would work for a message to TABI
but I just haven't bothered to worry about it since I post so rarely. Why
don't you try sending yourself the messages to TABI through the CC field so
you can see that the message in fact went out. If however you are concerned
that the TABI list isn't getting your messages I'd say you're probably going
to have to take it on faith that they get there since we each seem to get
every test message you send out to the group. 
    I hope this info has been helpful. 

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