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  • Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 23:58:33 -0400

Wow, that is great.  Last time I tried this at that theater I was given a 
device for deaf movie watchers and the folks didn't seem to know a lot about 
the use of the equipment.  Glad it worked.  

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  Hello everyone, I went to AMC Theater in the Tallahassee Mall.  I used a 
device for descriptive movies. The device consisted of a small square box with 
an ear phone jack, and one button for power.  The Narrator was very detailed, 
and easy to follow. While listening to the movie there were know distractions 
from the regular screen. I used my own earphones, however there are plenty 
available.  After the movie I spoke with one of the  Staff who informed me that 
there  are 10 of these devices available; therefor you can go to the movies in 
small groups.

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