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Scott Fintel uses erythritol and could perhaps best answer that question for 
you. We do not use erythritol in the Sugar Shot program.


I have used it in the past in some of my own motors but don't recall what 
particular 'brand' I used. Just like the sorbitol we use in Sugar Shot, we have 
used it from many different suppliers and under three or four 'brand' names but 
they have all worked the same. The current brand we have been using is from 
Roquette: NEOSORB P60W.

The KNO3 we use does make a difference because of purity, milling size and pH 

Perhaps some on this list could tell you what 'brand' of erthritol they use. 

Is the sugpro-list now defunct? That would probably be the best place to ask:   


Florin Mingireanu
To sugarshot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Today at 6:33 AM

Can you tell me if there is any specific brand of erythritol that can be used 
for solid rocket motors?

I am planning to try a 70 mm rocket motor using erythritol due to the potential 
longer burn time (due to lower burn rate). 

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