[studiorecorder] Re: about the update.

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You know, I brailled the September version. I sat the original manual along
side the one I brailled and I find they are different enough that I tossed
the old one. Thank you for getting back.

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We do keep the manuals updated, but there were very few changes for this =

>>> mgpjcole@xxxxxxxxxxx Wednesday, December 22, 2004 7:29:48 PM >>>
I keep wondering if the manual updates right along with the software. I =
loaded it when I first got Studio Recorder and I brailled it. Now I've =
it again, but it will be a sad waste of paper, if they are the same. The
commands probably haven't changed too terribly much, still I wonder. The
manual has a date of September 14, which would make it pretty new. The
manual for bookport does tend to update as the software improves.

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I have just downloaded and installed the update to studio recorder.  I use
the product daily, and love it!  However.
There is nothing that tells me why I should have updated.
Possibly something came down the list-wire which I missed.
What is new about the new version?
Sincerely Yours,
Duane Iverson

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