[ST:FAB] Re: Star Trek XI- has anyone seen it yet?

  • From: WanderingPath@xxxxxxx
  • To: stfab@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 05:28:33 EDT

Just one criticism... while I might agree with the sentiment... but Gene's  
ashes were spread into space, so I don't think he really has a grave to 
roll in  now. Just a technical thing. 
In a message dated 5/9/2009 12:26:37 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
Trancegemini26@xxxxxxx writes:

if you ask me, it could of been better. i mean uhura sleeping  with kirk? 
what the hell was that about? they lost touch with roddenberrys  vision, hes 
probably rolling in his grave about now.

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