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I think Key Petroleum should be giving two awards and not only 1 since they 
have the rights to the prize giving. Where did Santos come from? maybe we can 
give them an small ipod shuffle?

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What do you guys think? Catering needs to be ordered probably by someone with a 
credit card.

Let me know your thoughts for point number two... ASAP please.


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1.       All that is organised so far is the morning tea for the student 
chapter committee followed by the talk to students in the auditorium. No 
catering has been organised.

2.       There is a prize giving ceremony on 29th April organised centrally 
within the Faculty – a separate ceremony is not held. I simply need you to name 
the prize that the Committee will be giving and I can then add that to the 
prizes that will be allocated on that day.  Key Petroleum funds need to be 
accessed as this what they agreed to as part of their sponsorship,

The categories to be awarded are:

Intro to Pet Eng – best student – Petroleum Club

Reservoir Property Mapping – best student - Santos

Best overall performance  - Santos

Most improved student – Key Petroleum

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” – SPE student chapter


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