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Greta info Ellie

So I think we can confirm that we should let companies attend for free.

I will get cracking on the design and let ashwin know...

Once winston send out everyones task, things should start rolling.


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Hi guys,

I have talked to Jen (the talent manager from AWT) about if they would be 
interested in coming to our event and what her opinion is on attending student 
networking events.

She said she is very interested in attended these because she understands that 
there is a big age gap in experience in the oil and gas industry and if they 
can have the opportunity to network with students then it makes the hiring 
process easier at the end of the year with vacation students and graduates.

I also asked about international students and what their opinion is on hiring 
them. She said that the smaller companies would not usually invest in an 
international student if they have not got their working visa organised but if 
they show initiative to stay in Australia and eventually get permanent 
residency then there is no discrimination between an Australian graduate and an 
international graduate.

She said that being connected with petroleum, mechanical, chemical, mechatronic 
engineers who are devoted to be in the oil and gas industry is definitely a 
head start in getting vacation work with a company but she did say that they 
must show initiative of why they want to be in the industry and what have they 
done about it so far to try and get work.

They are looking for motivated and dedicated student engineers to take over the 
petroleum industry.

If companies want to attend this event it has to be free for them to come and 
she said that its great to have a HR/Talent person to talk to as well as an 
Engineer in the field it gives a wider perspective about the industry.

I think this event will do extremely well if we get devoted 3rd year engineers 
who seriously want a job to attend.

Ziad - every time you call a company would you be able to ask if they hire 
international students and what qualities they expect an international student 
to display.

Please email me back if there is anything else you need me to ask her. She said 
if we need any help organising the event we can contact her and she will do her 
best to help.

Thanks guys

Have a good weekend


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