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  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 03:44:29 +0000

Hey Tye,

The change this week is due to Clubs Day being on Wednesday the 16th. This is 
not the new permanent meeting time, and is only for this week. Usually it will 
be Wednesdays.

On another note: everyone, I'm off to NZ on Thursday for 2 weeks, so someone 
else will need to take minutes during the meetings for the next few weeks.

I thought the meeting was at 1, so I've actually gotta meet someone else at 2, 
so may need to step out of the meeting for a few minutes, but I'll try to keep 
it short. It will be in the eng building so I won't be far away :P


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Hey guys

why the change in meeting time, what happened to wednesday? I dont go to uni on 
tuesdays, and its not reasonable that I lose 3hrs of my day in travel to make 
the meeting, so i wont be attending.

Is this the new meeting time?

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Subject: specurtin-committee Agenda

Hi Guys,

Here is the agenda for this week; sorry its a little late.

Check out the 2 post grad rep applications before the meeting if possible.

Meeting is at 2 tomorrow before the maths lecture. See you all there.


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