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        Site of the Day for Monday, July 11, 2011


Today's site offers a useful reference for dealing with virtually anything which
must be kept clean. Gentle Subscribers will find a vast array of information on 
to tackle the ongoing fight with dirt and emerge victorious.

"The idea for the site started with a group of cleaning professionals getting
together to exchange tips and techniques. The idea developed in what you see 
There are more than 1300 free cleaning tips on this site, and growing every day.
Remember we enjoy hearing from visitors with their ideas and tips, as well we 
sharing cleaning techniques that have been gathered over the years and hope they
help you." - from the website 

Divided into convenient categories such as house, vehicle, seasonal, 
and the all-important animal section, the database is organized into helpful
sub-headings as well, while a straightforward search facility is also 
available. A
sidebar lists specific topics, from motorcycles to hot tubs and points the way 
proffered solutions to many irritating clean-up chores. There's even a section
devoted to the physical cleaning of computer gear, along with general tips for 
inside and outdoors.

Sweep over to the site for a helpful resource to battle life's little messes at:


  A.M. Holm
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