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I had a wonderful time last week in Minneapolis, first presenting at
<http://www.mastersforum.com/> Masters Forum, then taking part in Cecily
Sommers'  <http://pushthefuture.org/> PUSH conference (about which more

Between the two events, I got to do fun things like ride a
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorcycle_trial> trials bike for the first
time (thanks,  <http://wigleyandassociates.com/> Griff!) and watch a dozen
<http://48hourfilm.com/> short films made in 48 hours (thanks, Sheila and
<http://splicehere.tv/> Eric!).

My Masters Forum talk was based on the "Outside-In" talk I debuted a year
earlier at PUSH, which Ethan kindly
<http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/?p=88> blogged. With a year to ponder
the topic and push harder on my thoughts, plus three hours to present, I got
to go much further.

I don't have the audio available at this point, but you can download a
self-playing PowerPoint file of my talk
<http://www.sociate.com/presos/0606_Masters_Forum_Michalski.pps> here.

You'll miss the first part, because I started by spending 20 minutes showing
everyone my Brain (see it yourself  <http://tinyurl.com/9lsr9> here). It was
a nice way to introduce myself.

Masters Forum has been around for over 20 years, and has hosted a bunch of
<http://www.mastersforum.com/sessions_pastspeakers.asp> names you'd
recognize, most before they had published the works that made them famous.

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