[sociate] Antonio offers data a lift

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I've had a marvelous ongoing conversation with  <http://theonda.org/>
Antonio Rodriguez over the past few years, in which we dream and puzzle
about where software and services are heading, and where the new business
models might lurk therein.

One of our common enthusiasms was  <http://www.furl.net/> Furl, a nifty
turbo-bookmarking site that not only captures the URL of sites you bookmark,
but also stores the page contents, lets you call out part of the page and
add comments. It's not quite a blogging tool, but if you're mad at the New
York Times and other sites for banishing articles to the obscurity of their
paid archive after three days, as I am, it's pretty interesting.

Back when we had this enthusiasm,  <http://del.icio.us/> del.icio.us was way
too hard to use. It was geek territory.

> as Antonio tells the story in his post, del.icio.us just got better and
better, and Furl, bought by  <http://search.looksmart.com/> Looksmart, got
slower and slower.

The point of Antonio's story is that he was easily able to write
<http://theonda.org/assets/unfurlIt.py> a script to move his bookmarks from
Furl to del.icio.us, thanks to Furl's honoring the portability we've come to
expect of Web 2.0 applications. Antonio's geek exercise makes a larger

By the way, I've been having nearly the same conversation, in parallel, with
Antonio's equally cool brother,
<http://www.archivas.com/company/ExecBios.htm> Andres.

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