[slackintosh-users] Update Slax / Linux-Live / USB boot?

  • From: jayseye <slackintosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 00:21:59 -0700

Slax is actively being developed again, and is keeping up with slackware-current.

Any plans to update the old Linux-Live experiments from here?:


The most recent news I could find was over a year ago:


Also re that thread, will Slackintosh 12.1 fully support booting from an external USB drive?

I got the boot loader working with USB under Slackintosh 12.0 a few weeks ago, by hacking the ofpath and ybin scripts. But that was before I learned about the need for "rootdelay=10", so the kernel failed to find the root filesystem at boot time.

After I changed the Startup Disk back to the internal drive, either the external drive got un-Blessed, or NVRAM was changed, or both. Later I also realized that my hacked scripts were lost, because I'd made the changes in RAM, and forgotten to save them to disk.

To run Slackintosh now, I boot from the Install CD and enter yaboot commands manually. That works but it's tedious, as I also run OS X on my G4 Mac Mini.

So would you be able to include built-in support for booting from USB in Slackintosh 12.1, or must I re-create my ugly hacks?

Revamped PPC support for Slax would also be great, as version 6.0.6 is due for release this week.


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