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(CC:ed to the Swedish list SKRIVA too. No problem, Swedes know English well.)  
Here's what I found - a simply brilliant political speach by US president 
Barack Obama, held before both the Houses of the British Parlimament last year. 
He covers wide-world politics, the relations US-UK noting they are very 
special, the economic crisis, and many other things. And he speaks well, 
exceptionally well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp85zRg2cwg I may be wrong, 
who knows, but I think Obama will be re-elected. I see some polls saying Obama 
is unpopular because of economics, but I'm not sure mr Romney has a solution. I 
think the US people realise that the economics were crashed by one GW Bush. But 
most of all I think mr Obama shows leadership and common sense and is a figure 
of inspiration.  Get the Black Man a term more in the White House! This speech 
says why. --Ahrvid

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