[SKRIVA] Mest jordlika planeten upptäckt

  • From: Ahrvid Engholm <ahrvid@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:26:46 +0100

NASA:s nya Kepler-satellit har nu varit igång ett tag, och upptäckt vad som 
beskrivs som den mest jordlika planeten hittills. Den har bara 1,4 ggr 
jordmassan och är av allt att döma en s k stenplanet, precis som jorden:


"The newly-discovered Kepler-10b is, in terms of size, the most Earth-like 
exoplanet yet discovered, and the first completely confirmed discovery of a 
rocky planet around another star. This is very good news for the hunt for 
Earth's twin.
NASA's Kepler Mission began focusing most of its resources on the hunt for 
small exoplanets last year, and already we're witnessing the exciting result. 
So how did we find this modest-sized planet? The Kepler probe has an incredibly 
precise photometer which can measure the minute changes in a star's brightness 
as a planet passes in front of it. This method has proven very useful in 
spotting larger exoplanets, but Kepler is the first NASA mission with a 
photometer powerful enough to pick up on the existence of much smaller, 
Earth-sized planets. Kepler-10b, at just 1.4 times the size of Earth, is by far 
the smallest exoplanet we've yet discovered.
Unfortunately, Kepler-10b doesn't fit any of the other criteria for a 
potentially habitable planet. It's 20 times closer to its star than Mercury is 
to ours, placing it far from the habitable zone that would allow life to 
survive there. Indeed, Kepler-10b races around its star, completing an orbit 
every 0.84 days. And, though it's only 1.4 times the size of Earth, Kepler-10b 
is a dense world, with a mass 4.6 times that of Earth and an average density 
similar to an iron dumbbell.
Still, Kepler should be capable of detecting rocky planets inside the habitable 
zone, and the discovery of Kepler-10b suggests that we really will be able to 
find a planet out there that is just like Earth, both in terms of size and 

Tyvärr är planeten för nära sin sol för att kunna ha liv, men Kepler har iaf 
visat sig ha kapacitet att upptäcka små planeter av storlek nära jordens.


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