[simbiosi] Simbiosi.org is back and it's ready to rock!

  • From: "Antenore Gatta" <antenore@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: simbiosi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:22:38 +0200

Hi all,

As are ages we are not working on Simbiosi.org, we can consider this
as the first post in the mailing list.

Simbiosi.org is not dead, it's just resurrected, with new ideas and new goals.

Simbiosi is the Italian for symbiosys, From Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia)

The term symbiosis (from the Greek: σύν syn "with"; and βίωσις biosis
"living") commonly describes close and often long-term interactions
between different biological species. The term was first used in 1879
by the German mycologist, Heinrich Anton de Bary, who defined it as:
"the living together of unlike organisms".[2][3]

- Together we do better -

Simbiosi.org wants to give an easy way to provide real, complete and
working solutions based on OSS projects.

This is achieved with the cooperation of small, medium and large
enterpises with indipendent OSS specialist and the OSS community.

How does it work?

Companies, indipendent developrs/consultants

If you are a company or an indipendent consultant, explain in our wiki
your solution, providing the documentation and at least a case study.
Fill the contact information form, so that customers can make in
contact with you.

OSS fan, developer, friend, etc.

If you are an OSS fan, developer, friend, etc., help Simbiosi.org
voting, improving and spreeding the proposed solutions.
Helping us to develop and improve Simbiosi.org.

We decided to use Devalot (http://projects.noscience.net/devalot), a
really elastic software project management tool.

So, join us at http://simbiosi.org and help the world to spread
yourself and of course the OSS.

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