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  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 08:31:38 +0200

Are you saying, that your Jaws version is a pure English version or is it an
international version? What does Jaws say, when you go to "start
menu/programs/jaws10/explore my settings" and then press "insert+t"? Does
Jaws say "enu" or something else? I used Sibelius for a long time on a
non-English Windows and with an international version of Jaws.
The important settings to use Sibelius with Sib-Access were:
The Jaws scripts had not to be put in "Start men/programs/Jawsx?explore my
settings", because the files here in defaults to your localization. The
Sib-access jaws scripts must absolutely be put into "C:\documents and
settings\(your username)\appication data|freedom scientific|Jaws\(version
Before running Sibelius the Jaws language must be set to English Us.
Attention don't confuse it with the synthesizer language. It is really the
Jaws language and makes Jaws use the scripts in the Enu-folder. 
For me Sibelius with Sib-access works much better when keyboard layout is
set to Uk-English and not Us-English.
I hope all this information makes sense otherwise we go on searching until
we get your Sibelius working correctly.

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> hi dear Claudio.
> I use Windos XP version 2002. Service Pack 3.
> also, jaws 8. ofcourse ihave jaws 10 and i've tested for it. 
> both of them are US english.
> thanks very much.
> best,
> Saeed

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