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  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 11:13:59 +0100

There are certainly other peoples here, who can give you better advices, but
here my suggestion.
In Sibelius preferences, on the input page, make sure, that midi thru is
checked. And set you midi keyboard to "local off".
Perhaps Sibelius uses GM and your keyboard is set to another soundset. So
having your keyboard also use GM, could also resolve this problem.

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> Thanks Claudio, but I have some wired problems with the 
> sounds: When I choose the Drum Set Rock I have about ten 
> sounds available. When I press a key for the kick drum on my 
> midi keyboard, I can hear it, but when I check it in sibelius 
> with the arrow keys, there's written something else.
> Ben

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