[SI-LIST] Using Current Probes to Measure Cable Resonance

  • From: Doug Smith <doug@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 18:18:47 -0800

Happy New Year everyone!

I been running lots of experiments and taking data over the holidays. The
first result of all this activity is my Technical Tidbit for January, 2008.
The link to the article is the picture of a spectrum analyzer and two
currentprobes at the bottom of the page at http://emcesd.com[1] .

This month's Technical Tidbit discusses a method of using a spectrum
analyzerwith a tracking generator and a pair of current probes to determine
the resonant frequencies of wires and cables. This method can be used to
findEMC and other noise problems in equipment. 
Abstract: A technique for using current probes to measure cable resonances
isdescribed. A swept frequency voltage is induced on a cable by one current
probe and the resulting current measured using a second one. This technique
can be especially useful in troubleshooting EMC emissions problems as well
asother noise related problems in equipment designs.

This quick and easy method can be applied to a new design for which circuit
boards do not even exist yet to avoid EMC and noise problems. The method has
many potential uses inside and outside of system enclosures.


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