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>Subject: Re: The Sieger shepherds in the Review

My long time GSD friend in Germany had taken a GSD couple from MN to the
Sieger show some years ago. The couple did enjoy it but did mention the
over-angulation, frog backs, etc., in those dogs. My German friend hates
what she sees in her breed. There were dogs that really were not able to
walk in the right way and seemed extremely handicapped to mention, she
stated. She told me it was terribly embarrassing to show her American
friends. My friend told me that years ago thousands of people left the SV
realizing what has happened and who strive for the great "working-dog". A
new club was then founded for working-dogs, real working-dogs. My friend
said something around 4000 people. They still have some HD in their breeding
program as other issues. And she talks with this newer group time to time.
But was mentioned that the group betrays themselves by saying they do not
believe HD is still a problem within their dogs. Just some thoughts I wanted
to share from my friend in her native land. Kathy www.JoKaySedona.com



>Subject: November-December Review.

From: Penny Kroh <farmdogforever@xxxxxxxxx>


>What a schism! Sad--but I imagine that the German owners are proud of their


Penny in NC

The Farm Dog Forever

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