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  • From: Sven E Olsson <seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 21:44:01 +0200

Hi list!

** How about this?
Just written and testing a forthcoming feature. 

In the Insert Menu "Timestamp As ID"
That insert an id like this:
<h4 id="ID20110606210754">CSS/Less/Sass</h4>

And at the same time copy this to the clipboard: #ID20110606210754 to paste 
into/after links like this:

This link could be tested, it should goes to the CSS/Less/Sass header.

1) This guarantee the ID is unique.
2) It is simple and fast to create links without bugs like spelling errors.

It is also useful to create Bookmarks in an big page like this:

<a href="#ID20110606210754>Important!</a><!-- Paste ID Here -->

<p>big text</p>
<p>big text</p>
<p>big text</p>
<h2 id="ID20110606210754">Important!</h2> <!-- Insert ID Here -->
<p>important text</p>

It would be interesting to know if and how you are using this things.

Sven E

Sven E Olsson

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