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Hose Drowns Diver

Divers could be facing yet another deadly risk. Swedish company SI Tech is
recalling hoses used for diving after a piece dislodged, restricted airflow
and ended up drowning one diver, according to the

*Who got hurt? *The company has heard of six cases in which hose inserts
dislodged and one death as a result of the faulty tubes.

*Where did the hoses come from? *The hoses were distributed between July
2006 and February 2009 for about $45.

*Do I own this? *“The hose contains an air flow restricting insert that may
be either black, blue or green in color, the CPSC says. “The batch code is
stamped on the threaded metal end of the hose.” (D3/8  YF9)

*What to do: *“Consumers should immediately stop using diving equipment that
contains the recalled low pressure inflation hoses and contact SI Tech for
the location of an authorized dealer for a free repair which involves
removal of the hose insert, or to receive instructions on how to repair the
hose,” the company reports.

*Who to Contact: *For additional information, contact SI at (877) 348-3529
at visit sitech.se<http://www.sitech.se/pages/default_uk.asp?SectionID=3274>or
by email at

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