Uwharrie Backpacking Trip

  • From: "Bates, Hal" <bateh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 08:24:07 -0500

This weekend troop 17 is headed to the Uwharrie National Forest for a
backpacking trip and we will hike starting at "Jumping off Rock" on
Friday night to dark mountain.

Saturday, we will hike four (5) miles to Spencer's Creek camp then hike
another two (2) miles on Sunday and come home. . This is a simple
backpacking trip.

I have attached directions for the drivers.

What to pack:

1.      The boys need to pack themselves NOT the parents - parents it is
OK to check behind your scouts.
2.      The boys need to bring their own food & 3 liters of water for
Friday night, we will be hiking into a dry camp
3.      Visit www.ScoutTroop17.org - "Backpacking 101" and "Camping
Packing List" links under the Camping tab for suggested items and food
to pack
4.      At a maximum, the boy's packs should only be 25% of their weight
with food,  filled-up water bottles and tents.
5.      We will help the boys split-up tent components, so they will
only carry 1/2 a tent each - about 3 lbs
6.      Wear broken-in boots and use layers for clothing
7.      No Electronics
8.      Sub sandwich for Friday night
9.      Money for Wendy's lunch on Sunday
10.     Good compass
11.     Whistle
12.     Headlamp


Friday, November 20th @ 4:30 from the Scout Hut


Sunday, November 11th sometime after lunch 

If your son plans to go on the trip and is not listed below, please let
me know.


1.      Stuart Powell
2.      Clay Sommer
3.      Jack Watt
4.      Trey Weston
5.      Will Vickers
6.      Declan Ford
7.      Burke Allred
8.      Christian Maynard
9.      George Ellington
10.     John Ange Ellington
11.     Ryan Steed
12.     Zeke Janicello
13.     Alston Hill

Troop 142

1.      Tyler LaPlaca

2.      Quinton Hall

3.      Kendall Simmons

4.      Matthew Durham

5.      Tyler Lackey

6.      Grayson Allred

7.      Zack Burkett


1.      Hal Bates
2.      John Maynard
3.      Jim Weston (Saturday)
4.      Bob Kernodle
5.      Mark Saxon
6.      Ian Baltutis
7.      Ken Ellington
8.      Derek Steed
9.      Matt Watt

Troop 142

1.     Jim Hall

2.     David Simmons

3.     Kenneth Allred

Should you have any questions, please let me know.


Hal Bates
Scoutmaster - Troop 17
http://www.ScoutTroop17.org <http://www.scouttroop17.org/> 
2204 Teal Court
Burlington, NC 27215
HM: 336.585.1962
WK: 336.586.1325
MB: 336.269.2215


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