THIS TUESDAY - FW: Personal Fitness Merit Badge

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REMINDER - We meet at the City Park walking track promptly at 7:00 this Tuesday, see below for details.

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Please see the important message below from Tee Lander. Below are the referenced document links.

Personal Fitness Plan: 929%214972

Personal Fitness Workbook:!/view.aspx?cid=78F2CA079EEB0929&resi d=78F2CA079EEB0929%214767

Personal Fitness Progress Checklist:!/view.aspx?cid=78F2CA079EEB0929&resi d=78F2CA079EEB0929%214768

John Maynard

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Hello Parents:

We will have our final Personal Fitness merit badge session on April 24th, and we will be meeting at the City Park Walking Track instead of the Scout Hut for this meeting. We have a lot of activities to complete at this meeting, so we will start promptly at 7pm and end at 8:30pm. There is lighting at the City Park, so we will be fine when it gets dark. Please have the boys wear gym shorts, t -shirt and running shoes.

City of Burlington Walking Track
Corner of Mebane and Kitchen Streets
The track surrounds Ball Field #5.

We will be completing Requirement #6:

1)      Aerobic Fitness Test:  Mile Run

2)      Strength Tests:  Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups & Push-Ups

3)      Flexibility Test:  Sit & Reach measurement

4) Body Composition Test: Right Arm, Shoulder, Chest, Abdomen & Right Thigh Circumference

These results will be used as the baseline numbers in order for the boys to begin their 12 week personal fitness plan. They will need to track their fitness measurement progress every 2 weeks with the exception of the flexibility test. The fitness measurement progress sheet is on page 72 in the attachment.

At our last meeting together on March 27, I discussed with them the components they need to include in their personal fitness plan. I have attached the chapter in the Personal Fitness Merit Badge booklet that I covered, so this should help them remember what we discussed last time. An example of a fitness plan is outlined on pages 78 & 79 in the attachment. Before they begin their 12 week fitness program, they need to have their plan approved by a merit badge counselor. (Matt Sommer or Tee Lander) It should only take about 20-30 minutes for the boys to write up their plan, and they can bring it to the April 24th meeting or send the plan to me via email for review.

Once the boys begin their plan, they will need to keep a written, weekly log of their progress. Examples of tracking sheets are on page 63 and 64 in the attachment.

In summary, they will need to do 3 things:

1) Write up a 12 week fitness plan to be approved by the merit badge counselor prior to starting their fitness plan

2) Keep a weekly log of their activities each week during the 12 week period & turn into merit badge counselor upon completion

3) Update their fitness measurements every 2 weeks & turn into merit badge counselor upon completion (The boys will likely need your assistance with the body composition measurements)

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Tee Lander

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