RE: T17-Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 00:52:18 -0500

We are well on our way to completing the class part of this merit badge.
Thanks to Chad for doing a great job!  The link below will take you to the
Progress List to check what requirements are remaining for your scout.  Next
week we will be checking homework, so please motivate your scouts.  


Soon we will announce the field trip to complete the requirements.


John Maynard


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Subject: T17-Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge


Hi Folks, we are beginning the instruction of an Eagle Required Merit Badge
under the direction of our Assistant Scout Master, Chad Coble.  Over the
next couple of weeks, the scouts will be discussing and learning this very
important badge.  Please make sure your scout is in attendance if at all
possible as some requirements are passed off nightly as well as homework is


What they will need:  

Paper & Pencil or Pen 

Scout Handbook

Water Bottle

Printed copy of the Workbook 

Any homework that is assigned (See below)

It's a good idea to have a dedicated "string bag" or book bag, just for




Workbook (Download & Print - link is at the bottom)


Merit Badge Pamphlet (Download but don't print. Use for reference or
Purchase a copy from the scout store)


Merit Badge Progress Sheet (Save this link to track progress)



Note from Chad Coble


Internet Safety - Some research can be done on the internet, make sure you
have prior parental permission to do any internet research.

Read and follow the directions on the homework, credit will only be given if
all directions are followed.  Any questions email me at coblesix@xxxxxxxxx .


Week 1(Oct.30): 

            Discussed Evolution of our National Government which lead into.

Requirements #4a, #4b, #4c(partial), & #5.  

Homework Assignment- #3 & #8.


Week 2(Nov.6):  

Turn in Homework #3 (documented with date time & detailed notes) and be
ready to discuss when called on

Turn in Homework #8 (bring a copy of your letter & addressed envelope.)

Open discussion regarding Homework #3

Requirements #4c(finish), #4d, #4e, & #1(planned)


Week 3(Nov.27):

                Turn in Homework #2d (document your findings & sources)

                Turn in Homework #6  (document your findings & sources)

                Requirement #7(planned)



                Field Trip to a Federal Facility.



Yours in Scouting,


John Maynard


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