Merit Badge Opportunity - Fire Safety Merit Badge Class

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Subject: Fire Safety Merit Badge Class


Dear Unit Leaders,


Please see the attached flyer regarding a Fire Safety Merit Badge Class
offered by Alamance District on October 1, 2011. This class will be
taught by Dave Leonard and John Payne from the Alamance County Fire
Marshall's Office and will be fun and educational for your Scouts! Dave
and John have many hands-on activities planned to keep their interest as
well as really cool visuals to teach the boys everything necessary to
earn this badge. 


As you see from the schedule, classroom instruction will end at 12:30
and after a brief lunch (Scouts must bring their own), the boys will
adjourn and then meet back at a nearby fire station to view fire
equipment and apparatus. It is the parent or Scout's responsibility to
get transportation from ACC to the fire station (location will be
announced as soon as it's confirmed). 


Please pass this information along to parents and scouts! Please do NOT
register your whole troop, as this class is limited to the first 25 boys
who register. Dave and John are very willing to arrange Troop programs -
even eager to teach this information to everyone they can reach!
Register at threescoutsmama@xxxxxxxxxx Have Scouts provide a contact
number and Troop #. We will activate a waiting list and may schedule
more classes if the need is there. 


Please have Scouts bring:


A bagged lunch with drink

A blue card signed by Troop Leader

Merit Badge Workbook (available at


If you do not already have a Parent Coordinator in place, this would be
a GREAT time to involve a parent to forward e-mails of interest from
your Troop to other parents and leaders. Speaking from experience, this
has been a huge help from Troop 39 to help me coordinate my boys'
activities, plan our family calendar, and make sure we have all
necessary equipment/supplies/money for Troop trips. PLEASE think about
adding this position to your Troop leadership!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or
phone (447-4548).


Amber Honeycutt

Alamance District Advancement Committe

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