Merit Badge Information

  • From: "John Maynard" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 19:32:22 -0400

Hi Folks, I just wanted to post some updates and important links on our
recent Merit Badge Progress:


Citizenship in the Community - We have now completed the classroom portion
of this badge.  Please follow this link to the Citizenship Checklist
to see where your scout may stand in completion of the Eagle Required badge.
If there are any questions, please have your scout ask questions at our
regular meetings.  The majority of the scouts only have the last 2 homework
requirements left.  Please help support them on completing this.


Journalism - We have just begun this badge thanks to the expertise and
leadership of Brent Lancaster from our very own Times News.  Here is the
link to the Journalism Checklist
in order to track your scout through this process.  Also I have uploaded the
Journalism Merit Badge Pamphlet
B0929!123>  to the pamphlet folder.  Please click on this link and download
the correct pamphlet for your viewing pleasure.


I hope this helps!  Have a great evening!


John Maynard


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