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Hal, Please forward the following messages to the Troop.

Homeless Shelter Dinner

Dear Scouts and Parents,
Please remember to send in $5.00 tonight to help pay for Homeless Shelter meal that our Troop is providing on Thursday, December 2nd. Also, we still need 2 more boys to help prepare and serve the meal. We will meet at First Presbyterian Church in the kitchen at 6:00 to prepare the meal, and then serve the meal at 7:30 at the shelter. Please call me if you have any questions at 266-5365.

Thank you,
Gade Lander

Popcorn Fundraiser

Dear Scouts,
The prizes from Trails End that many of you earned by selling popcorn should arrive in December. Mr. Bates will distribute the prizes at a Scout meeting soon after the prizes arrive. He will also announce who the top ten sellers were at that time. Please remember that the top 10 sellers are from the Pack and Troop. Together, the Troop and the Pack sold over $7,000.00. Great job!

Shannon Beck

For those who ordered the Chocolate Lover's popcorn, I'll let you know when it arrives. I was told that it should arrive around Dec. 6th.

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