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Mr. Bates, could you send this out to the troop for me? Thank you so much.

Eagle Scout Project


My Eagle Scout project is to complete the landscaping around the Community 
Services Building (beside the scout hut). This building houses the Women’s 
Resource Center, Meals on Wheels and the furniture ministry for First 
Presbyterian Church. These organizations are really excited about the project 
and the landscaping will really make this building look even better.


I really need the help of my fellow scouts and other volunteers to complete 
this project. We will be planting shrubbery, trees and various plants. We will 
also be spreading pine straw. The dates and times are listed below for the 
workdays. I know that some scouts may be involved in basketball at the YMCA, 
but any amount of time that you could come would help. If you can come, please 
email me at Karoleigh@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Karoleigh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  so that I 
will know how many people are coming. 


Thank you,


Burke Allred



Dates: Saturday, December 5th and Saturday, December 12th

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Community Services Building (beside the scout hut)

What to bring: shovel, gloves


Drinks/Snacks will be provided


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