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  • Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 07:24:29 -0400

I have posted a new case on the development case archives site.  It was
sent in by Jerry Goldman, and shows how he recommends editing cases in
adobe.  The case is Major Leage Baseball v. Garvey.  To see it, you need
to click on "view the decision" after you go to the case page.  To
accomplish this kind of edit, you need to have Adobe Acrobat on your
computer, not just Adobe Reader.

Jerry's ideas regarding editing are quite different from those
expressed by others, so please look at Garvey and weigh in with your

Let me also remind everyone of the full set of issues I raised in my
first e mail about this site.  So far we have shared a few ideas about
one of those issues - editing format.  I am going to need to more
information about people's preferences as to the other matters before
proceeding much further.  

We are at the stage where we also need to solve a collective action
problem if the site is to succeed.  I intend to facilitate and even
manage this site if there is enough response to it to make that seem
useful.  But like the little red hen in the children's fairy tale, I
don't intend to do all the work.  The site needs a small working group
who will take responsibility for some decision making and for some 
labor as well. 

The site: 

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