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Hello all,
Once again the SARC site provided a great location to operate in a VHF contest.  My activities started on Saturday morning at 1100PDT and ended on Sunday morning at 1030PDT.
I spent Saturday night at the clubhouse in my RV.
I intended to contest on the 144MHz and 1296MHz bands, but quickly the situation changed.  Early in the contest I discovered a broken N connector on the 1296 coax running up the tower. So I abandoned the band after only making one 1296 contact with W9EC. The rest of the contest was going to have to rely on running only 144MHz.
Late Saturday night I had another equipment casualty, my 144MHz preamp antenna relay flashed over under the strain of 1500W. Unfortunately, the flash over destroyed the preamp along with the relay.  The rest of the contest was completed using my 144Mhz amplifier driver preamp. Hopefully I will have the preamp repaired for the JOTA weekend.
The results were typical of the September contest. I gathered 67 QSOs on 144MHz, of which 7 were via moon bounce and W9EC on 1296MHz. I worked a total of 21 grid squares for a preliminary score of 1449 points.
K6EU/R CM86 144
AJ6T CM87 144
W6YX CM87 144
N6RZ CM87 144
N9JIM CM87 144
NU6S CM87 144
W9EC CM94 144
W9EC CM94 1296
WV6N CM94 144
WA6LIE CM96 144
N6ORB/R CM97 144
N6KOG CM97 144
K6YK CM97 144
W6PQL CM97 144
NA6XX CM97 144
K7XQ CM97 144.144
W7AIT CM97 144
WA6KTK CM97 144
KC6ZWT CM98 144
W6OMF CM98 144
WA6ZTY CM98 144
W6DWI CM98 144
K1YQP CM98 144
WA6ZTY CM98 144
KC6SEH CM98 144
K6XN CM99 144
K6TSK DM03 144
W6RO DM03 144
KI6ASP DM03 144
W6CRO DM03 144
K6LMN DM04 144
KE6RCI DM04 144
KF6FFZ DM04 144
N6KTH DM04 144
K9KBX DM04 144
AD6AF DM04 144
K6LMN DM04 144
KI6BDB DM04 144
W6QIW DM04 144
W6WE DM05 144
K6USY DM06 144
W6WRX DM06 144
KE6EEZ DM06 144
K8BXD/R DM07 144
WA6HXD DM12 144
WA7RGQ DM12 144
W6ZM DM12 144
AF60 DM13 144
N6NB/R DM13 144
W6BVB DM13 144
N6EQ DM13 144
W6IPT DM13 144
AA6DQ DM13 144
N3IZN DM13 144
AD6IJ DM14 144
AD6QD DM14 144
KN6VR DM14 144
N7FJM DM14 144
KG6DKW DM14 144
AD6QD DM14 144
W4RBO EL99 144.114
K9MRI EN70 144.149
EB5GP IM97 144.11
PA3CWN J033 144.148.7
G4ZFJ JO01 144.116
DG6JF/P JO33 144.12
DD0VF JO60 144.101
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