[sarcmembers] Re: Sept. 6 Meeting, JOTA and Sept. ARRL VHF

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Congratulations on your wife's transplant. Don't understand  were you are
coming from.
Hugh Thompson.

In a message dated 9/5/2008 7:10:36 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
hscott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I agree  with Brent

We have complained about this person before. His signature  tag is always
larger than his message.

If the list administrator  continues to allow this character to do this then
it I guess its acceptable  behavior and I will start.

My wife was a transplant recipient too, but  until now thought I would be
(explative deleted) to force my agenda to  everyone else on this list.

wa6eat scott

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The next time a AOL  SPAM or other SPAM TAG message comes across  the SARC
members  list.... I quit the list !

Someone (AOL SPAMMER ) control yourself, or  Someone fix the continued SPAM
problem on this list.

I don't push  my agenda here. It's improper here
<http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/improper>. Don't push  yours !.

This is a SARC related information list. NOTHING more  !


Bkitzer@xxxxxxx wrote:
>  acknoowledged, no meeting correct, thanks
> Be an organ  and tissue donor.
> Don't take your organs to heaven, heaven  knows we need them here. 
> Want

> to talk about being an organ donor,  call 805-736-3285 or 805-588-1320.

> Hugh Thompson.
>  Be sure to use your rights under the FIRST AND SECOND amendment of  
> the

> Constitution.
> In a message dated  9/5/2008 5:46:31 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 
> j.maetta@xxxxxxxxxxx  writes:
>      Hello,
>     With tomorrows  scheduled Delta II launch at 11:51 PDT, I will not
>      be able to make this Saturdays SARC meeting.  I am still  planning
>     on operating the October ARRL EME contest  in parallel with the
>     JOTA activities.
>   My previous email about JOTA outlines my ideas. Let me know  what
>     the members have planned for JOTA.  
>     On Sept. 13-15, the  ARRL Sept. VHF Sweepstakes is scheduled. I
>     would  like to use the clubs facilities to contest.  The contest
>   starts at 18:00UTC on Saturday and ends on Monday morning. Let  me
>     know if my use of the clubhouse will interfere  with others wishing
>     to use it. Of course, everyone  is welcome to come on up and join
>     me. I will only  be running 144MHz and maybe 1296Mhz.
>     73
>   John
>     N6VMO

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