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Subject: Sao Mai program 05 -06

Dear friends,

I am sending you my ideas and proposals for the Sao Mai computer center.

Please feel free to send me your comments and your proposals so that this 
document may be improved. If you write in Vietnamese I will ask Em Thom to help 
me translate.


            Non-profit activities

  1.. to upgrade the Sao Mai technology, such as laptops with  built-in Braille 
display, wireless LAN, Bluetooth technology and some Symbian cellulars. 
  2.. to complete development of Sao Mai Browser 
  3.. to add Vietnamese language to Jaws in collaboration with Freedom 
Scientific (see Sao Mai – Freedom Scientific cooperation agreement) 
  4.. to coordinate computer know-how and computer resources available to the 
blind in HCM (first thing to do is a survey among organizations and charities 
for the blind, then discuss priorities and common tasks with them). The first 
objective is to evaluate the level of know-how, the number of blind who can be 
considered independent users and the kind of technology that is available 
(=computers, embossers, specialized software, etc.), plus how many instructors 
and whether they are sighted or blind. It is also important to know about the 
technicians who assist the computer rooms.
The second step may be to call for a meeting to discuss common needs and how to 
improve the situation.  

  5.. to establish a legal Network of non-profit associations among the former 
partners of Samsung Project,  define common objectives, learn how to work 
together and submit applications for projects as a single entity. Networks have 
better choices to receive funds than a single association. 
  6.. to specialize the four Centers. 
For example: one may become a Computer based Music Center, another a Braille 
printing Center, another one a Center specialized in educating children and the 
last one an Education Material Center (=download education material in 
Vietnamese from the Internet and make it available on CD for the blind to be 
read by SM Browser)

  7.. to create a group  of blind women computer experts. 
  8.. to increase staff salary by 30-50 per cent. 
  9.. Donate your old computer CAMPAIGN. 
The idea is to send out (to companies, banks, institutions and other 
organizations) a request to donate their old Pentium computers to improve 
education and general knowledge of the blind.  Sao Mai will receive them, check 
them, reconfigure them and then distribute them to individuals, blind school 
students, blind organizations and charities or place them in schools attended 
by blind students. If necessary the recipients will receive basic training at 
Sao Mai. 

  10..  to evaluate the possibility of introducing the echo-location method 
(http://www.worldaccessfortheblind.org/Echolocation.htm) and technology 
(http://www.worldaccessfortheblind.org/Technology.htm ) in Vietnam. 
  11.. to  appoint another computer-skilled blind member to the managing board 
(URGENT!!!) and give him/her some responsibility. 
  12.. to  make the SM technology and experience available to University 
students of different disciplines (informatics, sociology, psychology, foreign 
languages, etc.) in order for them to be able to write theses and researches on 
assistive technology and related topics. It is enough to write a presentation 
letter to university professors and heads of departments and appoint a Sao Mai  
person for further contacts. 
  13.. to formally assign a job profile inside Sao Mai to Em Phuong (for 
example in charge of training women and of downloading  education and 
information material from the internet in Vietnamese to make it available 
off-line). She should also be asked to collaborate in some other programs (for 
example she could play a role in the Donate your old computer Campaign). 
  14.. to ask one of the advisors (or a third person) to search regularly on 
the internet (and in Vietnamese society) all calls for applications to finance 
projects (or awards) that may be submitted by Sao Mai or by the Network. 

Profit oriented activities. 

This will probably require the establishment of an umbrella entity to operate 
business. It is necessary to have funds for the initial investment 
(pre-payments, publicity, etc.), to have a dedicated website and banking 
facilities to operate international transactions. Sao Mai may sign a 
collaboration agreement with this entity but in fact run the business. 

a)     development and marketing of e-books in Vietnamese (and MP3?) for PCs 
and Symbian cellular phones. 

b)     Computer shop

The idea is to offer for example a brand new pre-configured computer at a 
convenient  price (but still with a profit margin) that people can check on 
site, pay and take away with them. Let’s say that we choose one Acer (or 
Samsung) configuration (only one) and gadgets of the same company such as MP3 
players, flash drives or memory cards. We make an agreement with the producer 
to let us sell a limited number of selected products at a competitive price. 

By choosing hardware with a brand name we do not need to provide costumer 

The slogan may be: If you buy it at Sao Mai you save X% of market price and 
help computer education for the blind.



Carlo Pizzato

please visit: http://www.bungsang.org

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