[sanniolug] [Klaus Knopper] Re: [debian-knoppix] Is Knoppix dead?

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:04:15 +0200

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  • From: Klaus Knopper <knopper@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 02:17:58 +0200
On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 01:24:41AM +0200, Andrea Trentini wrote:
> Klaus Knopper wrote:
> >Current TODOs:
> >  1.1.1 have really gotten huge. LaTeX will have to go, I'm afraid (it
> >  was already removed in the CeBit Edition). I'm thinking about removing
> >  KOffice too, because it has not more functionality than OpenOffice.
> Maybe this ml is not the right place (in that case
> point me to the correct one[*]) but may I vote for *not*
> removing LaTeX? (if its space-possible of course)

Required space by tetex-bin, tetex-extras and dependencies: 117MB.  So,
if you could recommend anything of about that size for deletion in
Knoppix, I could reinsert latex. Currently, even without latex, I still
have to find about 40MB to delete.

> [*] is there some kind of community-based decision
> on the list of packages to be included?

Since this is a public developent list, and Knoppix is a GPL'ed project,
it IS already a community-based process. Maybe someone on this list
could even make a Webfrontend for casting a vote about packages to
delete and to keep?

Still, even with the community process, I would like to keep some
authority for myself in considering what to keep. I am using the latex
textprocessor frequently myself, as you may have noticed. Most of my
presentations and slides are done in PDFlatex. I'm very unhappy about
the fact that we are running out of space on the single-CD download
edition, but I see no way other than removing packages in order to stay
within the 700MB limit which is unfortunately the maximum that older
CD-Roms can handle.

For newer computers, there will be another DVD maxi-edition of Knoppix
coming out at LinuxTag 2004.

And, there is always the possibility to create your own Knoppix
derivate, with your own collection of software.

-Klaus Knopper
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