[sac-board] SAC Meeting Minutes: 2011/03/11

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  • Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 05:41:21 -0700

Chris Hanrahan opened the meeting at 19:31.  We has to visitors: Jim and John.

The treasurer's report was given with us having $4500 after recent expenses.  
Membership dues are due at this time for 2011.

Lori Prause made a motion to have SAC spend $20 each month on cookies for the 
break.  The motion passed.

Chris thanked Dick Harshaw for getting the newsletter out.  The newsletter has 
been rename from SACNews to Saguaro Skies.

Chris announced that the board has approved fund for porta-jons at the star 

Rick Tejera was honored for editing the newsletter for the past 123 issues.  
Rick added the newsletter name plate to Dick Harshaw.

Dick Harshaw showed off the SAC windsock for the All-AZ site (which uses an 
ancient airstrip).  May we never see if fully extended during an observing 

AJ Crayon talked about the Messier Marathon occurring in three weeks. He 
referred everyone to http://saguaroastro.org for lots in additional info 
including our star party etiquette, the object checklist, liability release 
forms, and evening and morning twilight charts.  AJ has been coordinating the 
Messier Marathon for 19 years.

There were free Astronomy books available at the meeting that were diverted 
from a dumpster at ASU.

Steve Dodder reminded us of the 50/50 raffle and that the North Rim of the 
Grand Canyon Star Party was all set.  He also had items from an estate sale at 
the back of the room.

Tom Polakis had images from  tour he had of the Discovery Channel telescope on 
March 4.  The tour included the telescope, the primary mirror coating facility 
and the USGS office.

JD Maddy brought up some periodic errors with tracking from his telescope and 
asked the club for opinions.  He also showed his find from Fry's Electronics of 
a red LED USB light a flex cable.

Paul Lind had images from the ATM/Astro-Imaging meeting that happened the 
Tuesday before the meeting.  Rick Rotramel had completed his new dobsonian 

Steve Coe has his latest imaging results and info on David Fredricksen's estate 
sale that would take place the day after the club meeting.  He showed the 
Eiffel Tower asterism in Canes Major.

The break started at 20:32.  The meetings resumes at 20:45.

The Speaker for the meeting was Nate White from Lowell Observatory who talked 
about Occultation Expeditions and Results.

The meeting ended at 21:40.  There were 42 people in attendance.

        -Paul Dickson

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