[rule110] who's this? intro to myself.

  • From: udo waechter <root@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: list@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 15:02:14 +0100

Hello everyone,
I would like to indroduce myself. My name is Udo Waechter, still 
studying Cognitive Science in Osnabrueck.

I am very much interested in the visualization of data (from Databases 
to subsymbolic data of any kind). But what do we do if we have a 
wonderful visualization which is not interactive? Thus I am also 
interested in the navigation of huge amounts of data.
I also spend a big deal of my time with computer networks, and with the 
endless fight of making different operating systems work with each 

I am currently working on my bachelor thesis which is about clustering 
music by its content with SOMs, visualizing them and providing the user 
means of navigating through his collection via an intuitive (that is 
one hope) interface. The whole thing is not so much about the 
extraction of the right data from music (some people spend their 
lifetime on doing such things) but the clustering and navigation of it.

I have not done anything (at least not more than knowing what its all 
about) on the alife stuff so far, but the infection is already there.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

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