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Thanks Eieanor. Gwylene

On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:55 PM, Eleanor Brownfield wrote:

Thank you, Gwylene.  The only corrections I noticed are noted below in PURPLE.  Thanks, y'all, for all the hard work.  ;  }  Eleanor B

Crush defeatism!
Insist on joy in spite of everything.
Dream of a world without need.
Together we are stronger than greed and fear.

--- On Mon, 3/9/09, Gwylene Gallimard and Jean-Marie Mauclet <jemagwga@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From: Gwylene Gallimard and Jean-Marie Mauclet <jemagwga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [rsc] Notes from Conference Call 03-06
To: rsc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 1:17 PM

Please e-mail me any corrections and additions. Thanks. Gwylene

RSC Conference Call  - March 06 09. Notes by Gwylene and Eleanor

Present: Stephen, Bob, Kathie, Eleanor, Hope, Gwylene, Delvina Westcott and Kim
Ledée from South Carolina State in Orangeburg,. In addition Carlton and Shon
came in and out of the conference a few times as their obligations permitted.
Facilitation was by Kathy.
Hoping I did not miss anyone!

Bob is not getting any e-mail from RSC or ROOTS. Request is being made to
Carlton to correct this problem

Budget: questions for clarity?
$1200 for personel, does it include everybody? Yes. To be split three ways is
only a recommendation.  Seems a bit short when there is need to include a fourth
person, for example a local facilitator as in New Orleans or a co-leadership as
in Orangeburg
The $750 for the November retreat were clarified and agreed upon.
Transparency is a necessity.

June 12,13,14  2009 in Atlanta: RSC retreat on Friday and Sunday, Atlanta
Learning Exchange  on Saturday. Eleanor Host. Gwylene and Kathy lead retreat.
Need of a lead trainer for the Learning Exchange.  Make sure to ask whoever was
not the call. Please  answer quickly.

ORANGEBURG Learning Exchange confirmed for April 17-18. The team now includes
Hope, Gwylene, Ebony and Shon from RSC, and Kim and Delvina as the hosts. All
was confirmed after the call.  This Learning Exchange  “Bridging the Gap
between the Community and University” is part of an Art festival. See
attachment. This is also a site for MICA documentation.

NEW ORLEANS learning Exchange, within “State of the Nations”. Stephen
explained the specific demands about a dialogue on diversity and cultural equity
and a facilitation of the evaluation of the festival. He is sending his notes
and planning in a separate e-mail. Gwylene, Hope (both working within the MICA
project) and Stephen will talk to discuss each other’s roles in documentation
and evaluation. Stephen has asked Kyoko to propose a local facilitator.

KNOXVILLE with Carpetbag. April 24-25. Gwylene, Paula and Margo have had a
first conference call and will have a new one this coming Monday. The main ideas
are to involve the digital storytelling and video youth program, the use of a
gallery space and a visit again a month later. The theme is the review of
Carpetbag and partners’ activities after 40 years through the lens of RSC

RICHMOND in July 2009. A learning exchange geared to developing longterm
Gwylene rang off –  The following notes are by Eleanor.
Hope said that what Trey outlined sounds good – no one had questions for Trey
– he will include Hope & Gwylene in planning notes in preparation for
their documentation of the Richmond event.

Bob Leonard gave a MD update, saying that the situation is very slowly
progressing. Ashley Milburn has gotten a local rapper interested, someone who is
nationally known, and the rapper wants to do a piece about the Bridge to
Nowhere.  This could be a public awareness tool.  Ashley has had first hard
grant proposal accepted through the city, to make public art on one of the
bridges at the intown end of the highway.  The fact that the city is holding
control of the project is disappointing, but one step at a time it is moving
forward.  Ashley has extended to the RSC team (Hope, Maurice, Bob) that
Alternate ROOTS might want to help organize projects with some or all of the
other bridges, making art as a community.  The bridges lead to specific blocks,
which Ashley sees as discrete communities, so the art project could be designed
as a way for community organizing to happen.   Bob says ROOTS might, or RSC
might be able to be of help in developing other projects, but he has not yet
talked in depth to the team, as they are all busy doing other things.  They will
communicate by e-mail.  Bob reported that Ashley is at the end of the fellowship
support and has taken a part-time job in Philadelphia.  Nonetheless he is still
committed to the Highway to Nowhere Project and, like everyone, looking at
funding.  Kathie d said please keep us posted.

Kathie asked for other items, Trey requested more RSC involvement in Annual
Meeting planning to be sure that the community engagement principles are infused
throughout.  Kathie d suggested that he put the request on the RSC listserv to
reach folks not on today’s call.

Anything else?  No.  Thanks all around to everyone for his or her time and


Gwylene Gallimard, Jean-Marie Mauclet
(843) 723 1018


Gwylene Gallimard, Jean-Marie Mauclet
(843) 723 1018


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