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2010/6/20 Chris Burck <chris.burck@xxxxxxxxx>:
> carlos, re the shot of sonia (adorable girl, btw), this was handheld
> using the focal plane shutter?  or did you do a pre-fire of the focal
> plane shutter, and then fire the lens shutter?  i am amazed by the
> lack of camera shake.

          Most SL66 lenses don't have shutter, the main shutter is the
camera focal plane shutter (B-1sec to 1/1000), the exceptions are the
Distagon 4/80 and a Sonnar 4/150, both lenses have a Compur central
leaf shutter (1/30 to 1/500) to allow fill-in flash use because the
camera shutter flash sync is at 1/30; these two lenses work like any
other SL 66 lens without central shutter except when you connect a
flash to the lens and cock the lens shutter, for this case the lens
central shutter fires when you release the camera shutter, both work
in conjuction. In other words, I did not use the Distagon 4/80  lens
shutter except for a test with flash.

The book  "The Rolleiflex SL 66 and SLX  way" by L. Andrew Mannheim
(Focal Press GB 1975) describes several ways to hold the SL66, he
writes "...a specially steady hand is essential where subject
conditions call for comparatively slow shutter speeds...Long in this
context implies between 1/125 and 1/30 second... With the extra
steadying effect of the neck strap tension against the neck (page 71)
exposures of even 1/15 second may be possible without shake " (pages
73/74). I adopted one of the "Basic waist level hold" described in
pages 70 and 71. This book is plenty of Fritz Henle photographs taken
with the SL66, the photographs captions mention the lens, film,
exposure data and if the image was taken camera handheld or tripod,
there are several very sharp photographs taken with the 80mm lens at
1/60 camera handheld, you can imagine that at 1/30 they still could
look sharp; there are photographs with the 250mm tele taken handheld
but the slowest shutter speed is 1/250 for this case. BTW, shooting
handheld at this critical limit requires a bit of luck, it also
happens to me with the TLR shooting at 1/15, 1/25, 1/30, sometimes the
image is very sharp, sometimes it is not so sharp.
Thanks for the comment about Sonia.

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