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Wow! Why detest travel so much? It would give you an opportunity to use your

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Marc James Small <marcsmall@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> At 10:01 PM 9/2/2010, Roger Beverage wrote:
>> Marc;
>> At least when you return, you can say you have been as far from home as
>> possible but still in the U.S.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and hope
>> where you are going is north of Portland.  We natives consider anything
>> south of there as a suburb of Boston. Once the hurricane gets out of the way
>> and temperatures normalize, it is a lovely place, even in the snows of
>> winter.
> Thank God, I was spared from going.  For 52 years, I have had my arm
> twisted to go to Maine.  I am a contrarian:  tell me I "must" do something
> and I will do my damnedest NOT to do it.  And I never lost a single thing in
> Bangor, Maine.  I don't even like Stephen King.  And I DETEST travel.  I am
> a control freak and do NOT want to put my dogs in a kennel, for instance.
>  If I cannot take them, then I want to stay home.  Placid, peaceful, quiet
> home.  Ten miles from the Class VI store at Fort Lee and so forth.  All very
> decent, quiet, and comfortable.
> I did want to catch up with two long-term friends in Manchester, NH, but
> one is tied up with a family illness and the other has a family obligation
> taking him to Texas this weekend.  So, things seem to have worked out
> decently in that regard.
> I have known some really nice people from Maine.  They all assure me that
> the nimrods have stayed behind and that the sane ones have all moved out.
>  Given the state of Maine politics, I suspect that that is quite true.  I am
> certain that Maine has very pretty parts but, then, so does Virginia, and I
> can see those on a day trip.  The only thing I really wanted to visit in
> Maine is the principal LL Bean store in Freeport.
> Hurricane Earl!  (I have lived through hurricanes all over the east coast,
> especially in Connecticut and Virginia -- hurricanes I do know despite my
> reluctance to visit Florida.  Camille and Agnes and Juan and Hugo and Isabel
>  and ...  You have not lived until you've had to negotiate a 40-hp VW
> through a flooded intersection, reving the engine WAY up to keep the water
> from coming up the tail pipes.  But that was back in the Longago.)  Earl is
> bouncing off the Barrier Islands (my best friend was vacationing there, and
> I am certain that she has left to return to Roanoke).  It will not affect my
> part of Virginia -- we MIGHT have a light rain before dawn, though this is
> along the lines of a 5% probability.  Tomorrow will be hot and humid and
> then a cold front passes through, and our highs drop by ten degrees.  Early
> fall weather -- and low humidity!
> I live just south of Richmond Virginia.  Maine SEEMS impossibly far from
> Virginia, but it is not.  Hawaii and Alaska are MUCH further (it is easier
> to fly to Alaska than to fly to Maine, but that is a discussion for a
> different day).  Miami is about as far from Richmond as is Maine (no, I have
> never been to Florida, either, and I doubt that I ever shall -- having been
> raised in California, I have it in my viscera that visiting Florida is an
> invitation to disaster, from Hurricanes and a zillion other things).
>  Everything west of Chicago is further from Richmond than is Maine.  Boise,
> Idaho.  Seattle, Washington.  Phoenix, Arizona.  Tulsa, Oklahoma.  All are a
> lot farther than Maine.  And Maine is stuck up there with Canada -- Maine
> and Canada are still fighting over some islands, relics from the War of
> 1812, and I believe Michigan is doing the same.  (To date:  Maine 0,
> Michigan 1, but the locals keep stirring things up, so what do I know?)
> The cooler weather will benefit my two yard tortoises, Sulcatas, as they do
> not do very well with humidity.  These guys are captive-born descendants of
> the largest continental tortoises, who reside normally in the Sahel Desert
> in Africa.  We have had two months of excruciatingly hot weather but it has
> been humid.  They will do better with drier air.  All anapsids (turtles and
> tortoises) have a weak respiratory system, and they are subject to
> pneumonia, even the ones who live in water.  (I also have an Eastern Mud
> Turtle and a Musk Turtle and an African Side-Necked Mud Turtle.  I know
> these puppies:  the Eastern Mud Turtle I hatched from an egg in '81 and the
> Musk Turtle I got right out of the egg in '84.  Evinrude, the East African
> Side-Necked Mud Turtle, is a more recent addition, but, yes, he is CB.
> Anapsids are akin to dogs:  they love to have the back of their skulls
> rubbed.  You have to be careful:  I have had a number of snappers, but have
> never been brave enough to try that on THEM.  But it strikes my next-door
> neighbor, who watches over the Lawn Tortoises when I am gone, that the big
> one, Franklin (24 inches long?  35 pounds?) will rub up against my leg when
> I rub his neck.
> I have two Sulcatas.  These guys peak out at around 100 pounds and live for
> around a century.  I have already warned my son to warn HIS grandkids of the
> impending Family Heritage!
> In any event, I stayed in Richmond, Virginia, this center of culture and
> elegance.
> Marc
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Peter K

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