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Hi Frank,

> The sharpness is clear.

Yes, it absolutely is.  So is the sharpness of a cartoon.  But, cartoons
don't have very high image fidelity.  I'm exaggerating to make a
point...one that I hope you understand.  Sharpness is no indication of
image fidelity.

> For the largest prints I make the  
> resolution I get with digital is adequate, the other areas of  
> superiority make all the difference.

What areas of superiority are you referring to?  You've said color
accuracy...which digital has no edge there (nor does film), they both are
only as accurate as you calibrate them to...and dynamic range...which is
also not entirely true.  Film has a higher dynamic range than digital at
the higher energy levels, and digital at the low energy levels (higher
"ISO").  Ease of use, OK...for you perhaps, but that's a workflow issue,
not a media "superiority" issue.  Polariods are even easier ;-)

> Many people have commented how much more demanding digital is in  
> focussing precision.

Given all the digital lists I'm on and have been on (and all the years I've
been shooting digital), you're the only one I've heard that from, well at
least that I can remember.  What I have heard, on the Canon lists, is that
the lower "grade" Canon lenses show their defecits on the better digital
bodies.  But, the same is true for the film bodies...

I've heard all the issues before (and long before most people even heard of
a digital camera), no new ones in many many years.  Bottom line, is they
both have their merrits, and if one works "better" for you, well, bully. 
But that doesn't mitigate that the other works "better" for others, and no
amount of discussion is going to change that.  Even if it is as simple as
someone likes to use a particular camera, that's good enough IMO.



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