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  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 21:22:50 GMT

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>>> I have been trying gutenprint out with a Samsung ML4600 (Mono Laser)
>>> I have run into a problem,
>>> Having installed Gutenprint - I can now print a single page. However
>>> if I try to print 2 pages, after the first has been sent to the
>>> printer  (The gutenprint window changes to printing 2 of 2) I get the
>>> following message
>>> Fatal signal received : Segmentation fault
>>> Stack Backtrace
>>> Running thread 0xd053c followed by more technical stuff. Which I can
>>> provide if needed.
>> Yes, that would be useful.
> I have just managed to reproduce the problem here, so there is no need
> to send any further information.
> This problem with multi-page output seems to occur with the PCL driver
> only and only when Gutenprint uses dynamic area memory, i.e., on all
> machines but the Iyonix.

So in theory I shouldn't have a problem as I'm using Iyonix.

When trying to print the same document to file I get the following

Error 0x80000005 Internal error branch through zero.

Fatal signal received :EMT Trap

Stack back trace running thread 0xd053c

Hope that helps. Let me know if you want me to try out anything else.
From what I've seen quality of a single page is much better than the 
drivers I've been using.


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