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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:42:44 +0100

I played around with attaching the seat to the front section and it didn't feel good!

Hi Howard!

That line above, whoever says it as their experience, always throws me back onto one crucial question: What about Dennis Renner's FWDRWS?

See it in action here:


Note how easily it seems to ride. Dennis tells me that the steering angle on this one (the Mark 2) is 71 degrees. And you can see that the articulation is really on the back end of the middle section of the bike, rather than a true rear-wheel-steer, perhaps? Always difficult to decide about that. But he's sure as hell sitting on the front section of the bike, with no articulation between him and the pedals. And yet on the video it seems a very sweet and easy ride. Dennis says he's had a lot of requests from self-builders for details of the bike's geometry -- but he still hasn't got it together yet! Guess we just have to wait. But there's something about the Mark 2 geometry that was a lucky piece of serendipity, it seems.

Regards, Rh

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